Spanish government admits complexity on the online gaming legislation

The situation of the Internet betting business in Spain is being studied “due to the complexity that presents the recent development on the subject as well as the autonomous competences”, according to a statement of the government.

Vicente Martínez-Pujalte, the economic speaker of Grupo Popular in the congress, had presented a question to the goverment on the regulation of the commercial activity based on the marketing and sales of online beting.

The government answered that the games of chance originated in Spain respond to the Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce Law, and are subject to the obligations of identification and transparence, as well as to the electronic hiring regulation. When companies are located in foreign countries, the games of chance reglation could have restrictions.

The government also stated that, according to the current legislation, the only games and bets are the ones from the State Lotteries and Bets, and the National Organization for the Blind. To conclude, the report points that the subject is being studied, due to its great complexity.