Nine European nations mull joint jackpot lottery

Nine European nations are mulling plans to create a cross-border lottery with punters to be lured by a jackpot that rolls up higher from week to week, a German lottery official informed.

Klaus Sattler, spokesman for the Baden Wuerttemberg state lottery commission, said in Stuttgart, „It’s true there are talks among several European lotteries on creating a joint, jackpot-oriented game.“ But he said there had been no decision yet on when, or in what form, or whether Germany would be involved.

A German newspaper, „Bild Zeitung“, had said the lottery would be drawn every Friday starting this autumn, with the jackpot always amounting to at least 10 million euros, but ranging up to 100 million euros.

Players would have to correctly guess five numbers out of 50 to win an ordinary prize and pick two more out of eight to gain the jackpot, the newspaper said.