A Blind Bet in Privatization of Turkey’s Gambling Industry?

Article by Rob van der Gaast

Not as far as GamblingAnalysts.eu is concerned

Istanbul, Turkey (March 17, 2008), GamblingAnalysts.eu, the gambling research and analyst group, working from Istanbul and Amsterdam, launched two new reports on the Turkish gambling industry. This year two major gambling events will take place in Turkey: the privatization of the Turkish National lottery and the 10 year-long tender for sports betting.

Professionals in this industry know how difficult it is in Turkey to get all the information needed for a proper decision. That’s why GamblingAnalysts.eu prepared two in-dept reports with over 40 pages each with tables and illustrations: “Privatization of the National Lottery – Milli Piyango” and “Fixed Chance Betting Tender”.

“We have the know-how and contacts in Turkey”, states Rob van der Gaast, who founded GamblingAnalysts.eu, and we have been monitoring the Turkish gambling arena for over 10 years now, and know the face value of the two gaming companies and their growth potential”.

National Lottery

The National Lottery Administration General is the sole authority in the Republic of Turkey entitled to regulate sweepstakes and games of chance, which are in consideration of cash. Amendments set forth in Law No: 4971 dated 15.08.2003 on Decree Law numbered 320, enables granting individual or group licenses regarding games of chances for the specified period. 
Licenses may be granted to a stated-owned enterprise to be founded in accordance with the principles and procedures to be decided by the Council of Ministers, or joint stock companies founded as per the provisions of the Turkish Commercial Code.

A maximum of 10-year licenses may be granted to joint stock companies founded as per the provisions of Turkish Commercial Code.

The preferred company bidder for the license shall pay no less than 5% of its revenue to the National Lottery Administration and no less than 10% of its revenue to the Defense Industry Support Fund.

Sports Betting

The Law on Contracting Fixed Chance Betting Games of Sport Contests to Private Legal Entities No.5738, dated 21.02.2008 . This Law was enacted on 21.02.2008 contains the tender process and structure for contracting betting games of sport contests to private legal entities.

The scope of the Law excludes horse races, which will remain under the authority of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. The method to be used in the tenders is share of proceeds. The tender will be a sealed-bid tender. Joint ventures may be formed by and between joint stock companies incorporated in accordance with the Turkish Commercial Code and with foreign companies. Partners of the joint venture are jointly and severally liable to fulfill their obligations.

About GamblingAnalysts.eu

Dutchman Rob van der Gaast, working from Istanbul and Amsterdam, established GamblingAnalysts.eu in 1998. Rob van der Gaast is a member of the Primary Insight Expert Consulting Network, a Bear Stearns company, and he is co-author of „Privatization of state-controlled gambling operators“, which has been recognized within the international gambling industry as the leading report on gambling privatizations.

Rob van der Gaast is coordinator of the Privatization Information Center (PIC), a group of specialized consultants with in-depth experience in all the various aspects of the gambling industry and especially privatizations.

GamblingAnalysts.eu has for many years been the leading research company of the European gambling industry. Besides that, Rob van der Gaast, the European correspondent of IGamingNews, the industry’s premier e-magazine, has contributed hundreds of articles to IGN since 2001.

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