ELA 2008 opens its doors in Monterrey

Organizers of ELA 2008 assure that more than fifty exhibitors will offer, today and tomorrow, its products, from Central America, the Caribbean, the Andean Region, South America, US, Europe and Asia. Besides, today it will be held the “V American Congress of Gambling Regulators” and tomorrow, the “I Latin American Summit of Gambling Operators”.

Activities scheduled by the organization of Monterrey event start this morning with the Congress of Regulators, which will be held from 9 to 14, with the participation of US, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Panama, Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, Paraguay, Argentina and Chile.

Later, from 15,00 to 21,00, the Cintermex pavilion will offer the products of almost fifty companies, both local and international, that assist to the Mexican exhibition, boosted by the opening of the local market and the high business volume currently offered.

“The Latin American Games of Chance Exhibition is the first gambling event organized in Mexico. This feature has attracted the interest of the industry in US, Europe, Asia and Latin America. This country is a sleeping giant about to wake. The companies that are already installed here, mostly from North America and Spain, are achieving very high business benefits”, assured Pedro Galindo, main promoter of the event.

For tomorrow, the Summit of Operators was scheduled from 9 to 14, and will be inaugurated by the Association of Gambling and Draws Licensees in Mexico. Some of the participants are: European Casino Association, Spanish Casino Association, Codere, Cirsa, Egasa, the Colombian Association of Operators, representatives of Casinos, Bingos and Gambling Halls in Chile, Paraguay, Argentina, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Panama, Guatemala, Belize, Aruba, Croatia, Korea, etc.

Within ELA 2008 representatives of the American Institute of Games of Chance and Betting Laws (IIAA) to celebrate one of its annual summits. Besides, organizers pointed out that there will be a meeting in order to study the possibility to create the International Gaming Exhibitions Association.

Expectations are high. “As it is the first time in which an event like this is held in Mexico, it is impossible for us to make a prediction of the number of visitors. What we can affirm is that, since we started organizing the exhibition, we have constantly received online subscriptions”, assured Galindo.