Gaming chips fabricator apprehended at Border Gate

An alleged gaming chip fabricator who carried over 149 pieces of semi-finished bogus gaming chips and 444 different face value chip stickers when crossing the Broader Gate was apprehended yesterday by the Judiciary Police (PJ).

The spokesperson from the PJ said that the suspect had already successfully cashed in 44 pieces of phoney gaming chips with a per value of HKD 5,000 each which amounted to HKD 220,000 in total at a casino located in Nape in late March.

After the casino discovered the phoney chips had surfaced at their cashier counter, they reported the incident to the police and the investigation was soon carried out.

Yesterday, the police apprehended the targeted suspect successfully and found over hundreds of semi-finished chips without the stickers on them as well as several pieces of apparatus on him.
The alleged suspect, surnamed Wang who was aged 40 years-old, was living in Zhejiang province and claimed no occupation presently.

The alleged admitted fabricating gaming chips twice after the interrogation.

He had initially brought a real one at that particular casino and taken a photo of it in order to duplicate the chip model. The face value stickers were printed in an advertising company in Zhejiang province and put on the chips for use.

The spokesperson of the PJ said that they believed the suspect had conducted the crime and fabricated it alone and that it was the first time there had been such a discovery of a huge amount of fake gaming chips.

Culprits were duped into buying fake gaming chips from several fraudulent organisations who used them later, said the spokesperson of PJ.

However, the spokesperson said that the authenticity of that batch of fake chips was not very good and the alleged only caught a chance when there were a handful of gamers betting together.

The police said that the alleged was not coming to Macau constantly while he was believed to have come only to conduct the crime.

The suspect was charged with gaming fraudulence and was already transferred to the Public Prosecutions Office yesterday.