„Macau will not become the major slot market, but it is very strong and generates a lot of interest“

Gavin Isaacs, Bally’s Executive Vice President and COO detailed the strategy of the company for the Asian industry and what products the firm decided to bring specially for this growing sector. He also analyzes the future of the slot machines in a market where, currently, they don’t seem to be so popular.

How is Bally positioned here? If I’m not wrong, the company signed a couple of important deals with operators, so how is it positioned in Macau and in Asia in general?

Yes, we have. We are very happy with our progress here in Asia, and our South East office is located in Macau. We have a great partnership with Las Vegas Sands and the Venetian, and from the games perspective, delighted with a very much targeted approach with much selected products exhibiting here in G2E, with which we hope to grow in the industry.

In a market where casino machines seem to be not popular like in other regions, which is Bally’s strategy?

I think understanding what the local market needs is very important; this is why we haven’t brought thousands of products but a very selective group. Looking at what the market needs to take is absolutely great.
Our games are getting good traction and we are taking a rifle rather than shotgun approach. All the games that have worked well in other markets are being tried here, it’s the best strategy for emerging markets.

What did Bally decide to show at G2E and how was the feedback from people?

We have full-designed cabinets we have showed in other parts of the world. We have our Alpha Platform; we have all the new cabinets, CineReels, CineVision, the V20. We decided this year to bring a special product, Tower of Power, which is a five-reel, 15-line game supporting both internal and external progressive modes, with millionaire bonus. This is a striking product, very effective.
We also brought the V32 Quick Hit Platinum, which is also another striking product; and we have also brought a couple of very specialized games for the Macau market, including a mah jong game and Celestial Wheels.
On the other hand, we are also showing Chinese Kitchen, which is the first game developed by our Indian development team. We’re really very excited with all this products here.

It was announced a couple of months ago that there will not be more new licenses for casinos in Macau. How do you see the market in a near future?

There are plenty of opportunities for more casinos. I think this is a great strong market with lot of interest. But even though I don’t think it’s going to become the major slot market in the world. Bit by bit the products will be more accepted, although it’s a long way. And that’s why this is obviously very excited for Bally.