Illegal Casinos Raided In Nassau County

Nassau County, Florida — After months of investigation, deputies in Nassau County said they have finally cracked down on two illegal gaming businesses that were allegedly operating right under their noses.

Teams of Nassau County deputies raided on Wednesday what they said were illegal casinos.

Piles of cash, stacks of debit cards and the machines on which police said people were gambling to trying to win illegal prizes were seized from Cabana Gold Vegas Games in Callahan and Treasure Bay in Fernandina Beach.

Nassau County Sheriff Tommy Seagraves said it wasn’t what the businesses were doing but what they were giving out to customers that got them in trouble.

„These businesses were actually paying the winners in cash funds. They’re supposed to be paying in a card to be able to purchase limited items, but you cannot exchange it for cash or for alcohol or cigarettes,“ said Seagraves.

The sheriff said the illegal gambling machines were brining in USD 10,000 to USD 15,000 each day at each location.

What’s most disturbing, according to the Seagraves, is that money being put into the gambling machines was coming out of the pockets of people who could least afford it.

„I have heard numerous stories on incidents where people have taken their savings and gone into some of these establishments. I’ve actually had numerous complaints from citizens here in the community that they went in, some of these were elderly people, and spent their life’s saving,“ Seagraves said.

Following Wednesday’s raids, Cabana Gold and Treasure Bay are out of business.

The sheriff said other similar facilities in the county should keep things legal.

„Don’t gamble in Nassau County. It’s as simple as that,“ Seagraves said.

No charges involving the two businesses have been filed. Charges of gambling and possessing illegal machines are possible.

Detectives did arrest one woman working at the Callahan business, saying she was selling cocaine to customers.