The Games and Draws Subcommittee starts working in Mexico

It will revise gambling licenses in the country

The Subcommittee of Games and Draws started working this week in the House of Representatives, with the aim to revise 728 licenses issued by the Mexican Department of the Interior and verify the process through which the new authorizations were granted, informed the representative Octavio Vargas Martínez. Besides, they will work in a new national legislation for the sector.

President of the Tourism Commission explained that the legislative instance will be comprised by 12 representatives, with the main aim to „order the games and draws authorizations issued by Segob“.

Besides, the Tourism Commission of the House of Representatives will elaborate a new law of games and draws which include the opening of casinos in different parts of the country, informed representative and member of the Sub-commission Gilberto Ojeda Camacho.

In an interview, he commented that it is necessary to go ahead with this new legislation, with the support of all the political and social actors related to the subject in Mexico, because the current one is from 1947, so it means it is obsolete. “We must have new rules according to the needs of the country, and this way, to make the tourist sector more productive,” pointed the representative.

He added that, up to date, they have not had any kind of pressure by authorities of government authorities, which, he said, should present their point of view for this new law. He also mentioned that different business and social organizations will be invited to expose their points of view on the current situation and the needs of the tourist sector in the country.

When asked if the rule will include the authorization for the casino operation, Ojeda Camacho expressed that they will study the advantages and disadvantages that these businesses have and in which zones it would be more convenient to install them with the aim to represent a boost to the economic development.