Tinian Casino Developer wants Landfill moved

Saipan, CNMI – The Tinian landfill has to be closed and relocated before the Marianas Resort Development Corp. (MRDC) can proceed with its hotel and casino project in the area.

The landfill, which is near the airport, is not compliant with environmental regulations and poses numerous environmental and health hazards to the public.

MRDC on Friday said it has already submitted its application for a major siting permit and an environmental impact assessment for its USD 100 million project.

The project includes an 18-hole golf course and related infrastructure such as backup generators and an irrigation system.

In a press briefing on Friday, environmental consultant/project manager Timothy R. Lang said the designers of the 405-room hotel-casino and 18-hole championship golf course are Shin Takamatsu and Toshio Yamaga.

They are expected to complete the design early next year.

Asked about the groundbreaking of the project, MRDC officials said it may take some time due to the „tedious“ process of completing the design.

Because the design is still in the preliminary stage changes are anticipated, they added.

„MRDC received a positive response and technical help from the CNMI government agencies we have consulted. We look forward to continuing the cooperative effort as we move forward with our project,“ MRDC chairman and CEO Kang Yun Lee said in his statement.The environmental impact assessment and major siting applications were approved at a meeting in Yokohama, Japan last July.

The meeting was attended by Lee, vice president Shinju Hattori, overseas marketers Kevin Kwon and Thomas Lee, project consultant Bill Hofschneider, golf course designer Toshio Yamaga while the firm of Shin Takamatsu and Associates was represented by its director of general affairs Yoashiharu Sakata and head of design, Shinji Takahara.