Italians spend 350 million euros in online poker

According to a survey performed by the Consumers Defense and Orientation Association (ADOC), released by Agipronews agency, each Italian citizen spends an average of 600 euros a year playing poker in Internet, which represents a total of 350 million euros.

The same survey revealed that near two million Italian citizens have participated at least once in a game of chance in Internet, and one fourth of them usually play in specialized sites abroad. The release of ADOC study was performed at the same moment than the Italian Parliament prepares to legalize Internet games of chance in the country.

“The mania of online gaming attracts Italian people more and more, as shown by the fact that visits of our compatriots to Internet casinos have increased a 25% in a year. Gambling may become an addiction,” comments ADOC in a press release in which he analyzes the results of the pool.

According to the association, 16,000 Italian citizens may be considered to have gambling problems, which always lose and get into debt, with an average level of debt that ranges between 10,000-12,000 euros but may reach 40,000 euros.