„The Department of the Interior boosts the irregular expansion of casinos“

Congress of the Union must elaborate an “agressive” Law of Games and Draw, because Mexican Department of the Interior boosts the “illegal” construction of casinos in the country, considered PRI senator Francisco Arroyo Vieyra.

When asked about the license granted by SG for the installation of a casino in one of the most expensive areas of León, the legislation said that the business is located in Clouthier Boulevard, near Plaza Mayor. “We experiment a proliferation of these businesses without any more laws than an administrative regulation”, which exceeds the power granted to the government by the Law of Games and Draws.

This rule has 40 articles and more than a hundred regulations; that’s why federal representatives challenged the regulation before the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation, but the judgement was in favor of the government, said Arroyo Vieyra.

It is necessary that a new law is created, to ban money laundering, to make a mandatory tax payment of up to 23 per cent on the winnings and restrict illegal licenses granted by the government, he added.

Vicente Guerrero Reynoso, Mayor of León, belonging to PAN party, acknowledged that the regulation of zones and the use of the soil do not include the numbers of casinos or betting centres; that’s why the license will be granted to a “restaurant” or “bar”. “Casino licenses belong to the federal government; we are demanded a license as a restaurant-bar,” he pointed.

He added that, on top of the remote betting center that is being built near Plaza Mayor, there are other three centers in the city.