Harrah’s assures that „Reino de Don Quijote“ is being developed

Development Director for Europe of Harrah’s Entertainment, Andrew Totemham, has said that the company continue „developing“ the hotel casino project planned in Reino de Don Quijote of Ciudad Real.

The executive also said that „the design phase is almost completed, but we have slown down our efforts until the current economic situation improves and we could have appropriate financial means for important projects and new developments in Europe“.

In a press release sent by El Reino de Don Quijote, Totemham explained that „the phase of design is almost complete“ and assured that, meanwhile, both El Reino de Don Quijote and Harrah’s will continue working together with regional authorities „in the planning of the project and the management of the corresponding licenses”.

Totemham made these statements after the novelty that said that Harrah’s executive president, Gary Loveman, explained, within a presentation to analysts last August, that said that „the project is really suspended“ as a consequence of the national economic situation.

The new establishment planned by Harrah’s Entertainment, officially presented in Ciudad Real in November 2005, will be a five-star hotel with 812 rooms, on top of a 3,500 sqm spa, restaurants with room for 3,000 people and a convention center for 2,000 assistants, on top of a commercial area. With regards to the casino, it would be similar to the one that the group has in Las Vegas.