bwin responds to Turkey sports betting license failure

In response to a 2.25 million euros charge incurred as a result of its failed attempt to obtain a Turkish sports betting license in mid-2007, bwin confirmed that it has filed charges with the Austrian authorities for alleged fraud against the consultants responsible for obtaining the license.

In seeking its Turkish sports betting license, bwin took advice from the firm of Bachler & Partners. In charge of the project was a Voerman, who also introduced two further individuals to the company, Gerda Binder and Friedrich Jarosch.

According to bwin, the persons introduced by Voerman turned out to be ’unreliable’ and failed to return advance payments following the failure to obtain the Turkish license, despite an agreement to do so. bwin therefore filed criminal charges against those involved.

The Regional Criminal Court of Vienna rejected a petition submitted by defendants Friedrich Jarosch and Gerda Binder, seeking dismissal of the case. The court deemed there to be sufficient cause to pursue the case based on the evidence available and the depositions already conducted.

bwin also had an agreement in place with Cort International in Liechtenstein which provided for payments to be made ’only in the event that the company obtains valid gaming licences’ as a result of the services provided by Cort.

Courts in Liechtenstein have since blocked the accounts of Cort International and have seized an amount equivalent to approximately 250,000 euros. bwin continues to support the ongoing proceedings to the best of its ability and will also take action before civil courts if required.

bwin has also filed additional charges in Turkey against Sheref Hökelekli. It is as yet unclear what role Hökelekli played in the proceedings. bwin has also joined the ex officio proceedings as an injured party in Liechtenstein which has been instituted by the public prosecutor.