Top gambling firm deny ‚pulling out of Gibraltar‘

One of the leading gambling firms established in Gibraltar plans to pull out, said strong indications. But questioned by Panorama, Mansion (Gibraltar) Ltd, the company involved which employs 149 staff, said it was ’not true‘.

It follows in the wake of the news that Partygaming is looking at making about 100 staff redundant, although they do not intend to pull out completely from Gibraltar.

However, the reports suggested that this would not be the case with Mansion, planning to leave Gibraltar completely.

It was said that the company plans to set up in Singapore and Israel. The attraction of Singapore is personal tax at 8%; the attraction of Israel is said to be the technology.

Some staff training has already been taking place, sources assured us. They will be relocated if they like it.

The plan is for staff to leave within the next few months.

A Mansion spokesperson told us, however, that the IT team was being reduced. But people were being recruited for sales and marketing.

Out of Mansion’s 149 staff, 18 are Gibraltarian, 104 are Other British, 4 are Spanish and 23 are other nationalities.

„Mansion is proud to be operating from Gibraltar,“ they say.

It emerged a few days ago that Mansion had invited the Chief Minister Peter Caruana and the Development minister Joe Holliday to watch a football match in London between Tottenham and Manchester United. Mansion are shirt sponsors of Tottenham.

Certainly competition is fierce to secure customer loyalty. Reliable IT and network capabilities will remain at the forefront.