New gambling ship may open this week

Las Vegas Casino Lines‘ Liquid Vegas, Port Canaveral’s latest gambling ship, should be ready to sail sometime this week, a company representative said Monday.

Management was „fine-tuning“ the vessel, including ensuring employees are ready in all facets of the operation, company spokesman Tom Palermo said Monday.

„This is a huge undertaking in logistics. It involves the training of 300 people,“ Palermo said. „We want to make sure everything is perfect.“

Liquid Vegas, with a capacity of 893 passengers and crew, has been docked at Cruise Terminal 4, and plans are to launch the ship for daily offshore gambling excursions this week, although Palermo could not provide an exact date.

The ship will join SunCruz Casino’s SunCruz XII, another gambling vessel based at Brevard County’s seaport, and will fill a gap left open by the departure of Sterling Casino Lines‘ Ambassador II in July.

A third ship from Miami-based Omega Commercial Finance is in the works for the port, as well.

Originally, Las Vegas Casino Lines officials said their ship, built in 1985, would be operating in March, but preparing the vessel and crew has taken longer than expected. Several start dates have come and passed.

The ship, 300 feet long and 42 feet wide, has passed Coast Guard inspections and has received a certificate to operate, according to the Coast Guard Marine Safety Detachment at Port Canaveral. The crew also meets minimum safety and training standards, but the ship’s management wanted to ensure the crew is „above and beyond“ those standards, the Coast Guard said.

Palermo said the ship has been equipped with slot machines and an assortment of table games.

He said there will be day and evening cruises seven days a week, with extra late-night cruises on Friday and Saturday nights from 1:30 a.m. to 4:30 a.m.