A new chamber of Argentine businessmen of the gaming sector would be created

A group of Argentine companies announced their interest in gathering in a new group, that would allow them to strengthen their export capacity and position national firms that manufacture casino products.

The new association has not given an official name to yet, but it was initially named „Argentine Companies’ Club“, and aims to expand its business frontiers. Businessmen pointed that some of the main motivations when searching for contacts with local entities dedicating to exports is to perform joint campaigns to penetrate in foreign markets, organize training courses related to foreign commerce and how to maintain the image of national products, their quality and prices.

Besides, the idea is to organize a productive pole of the activity as well as round tables to debate about the difficulties and solutions, to search for new alliances and recommend procedures to the executives that gathered recently the „Club of Companies from Argentina“, collaborating with them.

“We also wish to obtain more competitive prices through customs agents, fleets; and search for collective discounts in exhibitions of the sector, both at a local and international level”, pointed Jorge Leiman of Gaming Signs, one of the promoters of the idea together with other national companies.

Among other issues, they pointed that the aims will also look to have strong links, both with the members of the central government as other entities, search for banking connections with the aim to have easier access to export procedures and credits, to set plans of ethic and professional responsibility, and educate the user of our products without competing with systems that are currently applied by some private industries.

The maintenance of local employments and the creation of showrooms abroad, which allow the potential customer to be in one location to see the export goods, is another objective. “We want to become noble representatives of the Argentine Industry, seeking to make alliances with individuals that have quality, price and honesty as basic premises“, pointed the promoters of the group, and assured that they will organize an event to celebrate the end of the year, and to inaugurate the definite creation of the entity. To conclude, they invited people to contact clubempresasargentina@gmail.com to join this development.