Casinos crap out as „sports associations“s game rules

Unlicensed poker organizers are operating as sports associations to dodge taxes on tournaments where up to 2,000 euros change hands on a weekend, writes local media

According to the law on gambling, only casinos granted permission by the finance ministry are permitted to organize poker tournaments, said Attila Török, managing director of casino operator Laurus Invest Hungary.

Groups which operate as sports associations and organize tournaments avoid paying the gambling tax by accounting for the buy-in as a subscription fees to the sports club.

Török added that participants at these tournaments often held at pubs and similar venues unknowingly break laws. It is estimated that tournaments are held at several thousand locations each weekend.

The portal asked the finance ministry whether there were plans to amend laws in order to help the state collect gambling taxes on poker tournaments and was told that the issue was not currently on the agenda.