The first Argentinian hotel with horse racetrack to be developed in San Luis

The international financial crisis and the slowdown in local tourism did not change the plans of Amerian and Slots Machine, one of the best horse race-tracks in South America, that chose San Luis province for the construction of a new hotel.

The novelty of this proposal is that it includes the development of a horse villa, with horse breeders. Of all the versions of thematic tourism, it seemed to be the less developed so far.

The hotel, that is under construction, will be connected to the tribunes of the horse race-track through an aerial tunnel with crystal walls. There will be at least one or two races per month. The chain in charge of the project belongs to Regam Group, although the hotel is not managed by the group directly, but it is a franchise.

It will be called San Luis Park Hotel and will be the 9th venue of the chain in the country, although it has two other casinos that are being developed in Neuquén and Santiago del Estero.

Tourism is one of the activities that is suffering the effects of the economic slowdown the most, according to the Institute of Studies of the Argentinian and Latin American Reality (IERAL) of Mediterranean Foundation.

Besides, Jurca, the chamber that gathers all the airlines, affirmed that the slowdown in the air transport will be three times more than in the rest of the economic activities.