New Report: French Betting Privatization

Article by Rob van der Gaast

The new privatization report “All you have to know for the privatization of the two French monopolies – PMU for horse racing and Francaise des Jeux for the lotteries” will be continuously updated. This new process, of daily latest news gathering, proved to be a great success with our previous reports. will again give the maximum information to the buyers of the new privatization report on the French monopolies. The last privatization report on the Turkish Lottery had more than 90 pages. The same will be the case for the French privatization, as we are the leader in privatizations.

The last eight years Rob and his team have executed all the major scientific gambling researches on Europe. With his crew he publicized hundreds of articles on the gambling industry in Europe. For the Privatization of the Turkish National Lottery and the ten year Sports Betting license (Iddaa) in Turkey, Rob van der Gaast wrote two in-dept reports. The report “Privatization of the National Lottery – Milli Piyango”, with more than 90 pages, is still for sale. Click here for the table of content. Direct and indirect, was involved in the Turkish Privatization. is member of the Primary Insight Expert Consulting Network, a wholly-owned subsidiary of JPMorgan Chase & Co. We advice and work for companies as Majedie Asset Management, Global Betting and Gaming Consultants, Novamedia (Postcode lottery), QLot Consultants, Media & Entertainment Consulting Network (MECN), Privatization Information Center (PIC), da ma cai, Pan Malaysian Pools Sdn. Bhd, etc.

Van der Gaast is co-author of the ‚Privatisation of state-controlled gambling operators‘, was co-author of several versions of the ‚Internet Gambling Report‘ and is the coordinator of Privatization Information Center (PIC), employing a group of specialized consultants with profound experience in all the various aspects of the privatization of the gambling industry. Above that he conducted the reports: ‚The Gaming and Lottery Files‘, ‚European Research Report: Internet Gaming in Europe‘ and the 4th edition of the ‘Global Gambling Report’ (European segment), the most authoritative source of information in the gambling industry.

Rob van der Gaast is also co-author of ‚Local expert insights‘ – The analyses of Balkan gambling markets need local expertise. Above that, Rob van der Gaast writes articles for IGamingNews – the gambling industry’s premier e-magazine – as European correspondent, LotteryInsider, ISA-GUIDEand so on.