New law to pave the way for Gran Scala

The government of the Spanish region of Aragon has declared an intention to publish a new law to pave the way for the creation of Gran Scala, the Las Vegas-type entertainment city in the desert areas of Aragon.

The location of Gran Scala is land between Madrid and Zaragoza, covering 2,000 hectares and it will contain a huge entertainment complex of shops, houses, golf courses, theme parks, family entertainment centres, sporting attractions and 32 casinos.

The plan, put together by a consortium named International Leisure Development, with offices in London, will go forward in three phases.

The infrastructure of roads, railways and airport, coming from the Aragon government, will be with the first phase. The statement issued by the authorities this week proposes a new law of ’amusement with high capacity’, effectively a regulation to permit a high density of gaming.

It would be released in April and come into effect in August.